College Acceptances

Embrace Tutoring is proud of the work we do with our students. Our students have received acceptances and scholarships from nationally ranked colleges and universities.







University Acceptances


College Counsellers

Please note: This is not a full list but a sampling of where Embrace Students have received acceptances from.

  • American University – Hannah C.’15, New Providence High School, NJ; Cecelia C., Millburn High School, NJ; Ryan H.’19, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Amherst College – Emily K.’16, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Bates College - Joanna A.’19, Millburn High School, NJ
  • Bentley University – Graysen K.’16, Harrington Park High School, NJ
  • Boston College, Harriet S., Madison High School, CT; David E., Millburn High School, NJ; Justin M., Millburn High School, NJ; Jack G., Millburn High School, NJ; Rachel B., Millburn High School, NJ; Amy L., Millburn High School, NJ; Nicholas K.‘18, Phillips Andover Academy
  • Boston University – Harrison J.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Jacqui J’16., The Pingry School; Hana S/16., Watchung Hills High School, NJ; Hannah L., Chatham High School, NJ
  • Bucknell University - Cammie H’17., Ridgewood High School, NJ; Griffin T., Chatham High School, NJ; David L., Millburn High School
  • California Berkeley – Brendan C.’17, Seton Hall Prep, NJ; Chase C.’16, The Pingry School
  • University of Chicago – Jasper L.’16, Governor Livingston School, Berkeley Heights, NJ; Isabella Z., The Pingry School; Joseph L., Millburn High School, NJ; Carolyn D., Millburn High School, NJ; Emily L., Millburn High School, NJ; Michael L.’18, The Pingry School, NJ
  • UCLA – George S., Chatham High School, NJ; Rima P., The Pingry School
  • Case Western University - Rachel J.’18, Madison High School, NJ
  • Catholic University of America - Simon P.’18, Notre Dame High School, Newtown, PA
  • Centenary University - Kayla T., The Pingry School, NJ
  • Claremont McKenna College – Callie J.’16, Fairfield, CT
  • College of the Holy Cross, Chris C.’18, Chatham High School, NJ
  • Colgate University - Raena L., The Pingry School, NJ
  • University of Colorado - McKenzie B.’17, Chatham High School, NJ; Jack G.’18, Morristown-Beard
  • Columbia University – Robert P.’18, Lawrenceville School, NJ; Alyssa H.’17, Kent Place School, NJ; Diana M., The Pingry School; Julia M., The Pingry School; Sean W. The Pingry School; Sarah B., Chatham High School, NJ; Kyle T., Livingston High School, NJ; Anna K., Millburn High School, NJ
  • College of the Holy Cross - Chris C.,’18, Chatham High School, NJ
  • Connecticut College - Ben V.,’18, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Cornell University - Kim M., Morristown High School, NJ; Katherine S., Millburn High School, NJ; Thomas P., Governor Livingston High School, NJ
  • University of Delaware - Halle L.’18, Chatham High School, NJ; Max S.’18, The Pingry School, NJ; Evan G., Chatham High School, NJ; Ellie W.’18, Chatham High School, NJ; Delfine G.’19, Chatham High School, NJ
  • Drexel University - Ryan H.’19, The Pingry School; Princee P.’17, Truman High School, PA; Ellie W.’15, The Baldwin School, PA; Jay P.’17, Truman High School, PA
  • Drew University - Liam F.’19, Chatham High School
  • Duke University - Laura S.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Stephanie C.’17, Chatham High School; Jason K.’17, Livingston High School, NJ; Thomas M.’18, Delbarton School; Anna W.’19, The Baldwin School, PA; Emma L.’19,
  • Eastern University - Autumn H.’16, Harry S. Truman High School, PA
  • Elon University – Karina M.’16, Newark Academy, NJ; Emily T., The Pingry School, NJ; Maggie G., Chatham High School, NJ; Jillian T.’17, Chatham High School, NJ; Jack S.,‘18, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Emory University - Sofia T.’19, Kent Place School
  • Fairleigh Dickinson – Megan L.’16, Chatham High School, NJ
  • Franklin and Marshall College - Mia G.’19, Chatham High School
  • Fordham University - Meaghan D.’17, Mendham High School, NJ
  • Gettysburg College - Nicole S., Chatham High School, NJ; Dillon K., Chatham High School, NJ
  • Georgetown University – Allie R., The Pingry School, NJ; Brendan K., The Pingry School; Julia A., The Pingry School; Anna K., Chatham High School, NJ; Jenny B.,’18, Morristown Beard School; Seamus S.’19, Conwell Egan Catholic, Levittown, PA
  • Harvard University – Gabby T.’15, Livingston High School, NJ; Sam S.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Laura P., Chatham High School, NJ; Christine A., Millburn High School; Rachel C.’18, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Hobart College - Grace L.’17, Chatham High School, NJ
  • James Madison University - Janayah J.’16, Union, NJ; Katherine L.’17, Shipley School, PA
  • Johns Hopkins – Katie P.’16, Dwight Englewood School, NJ
  • Lafayette College - Cecelia L., The Pingry School, NJ; L. Ness, Chatham High School, NJ
  • LaSalle University - Phoebe D’18., Chatham High School, NJ
  • Lehigh University – Nate C.’17, Chatham High School, NJ
  • London School of Economics - Oliver L., Chatham High School, NJ; Jack P., The Pingry School, NJ
  • Manhattan School of Music - Claudia H.’16, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Manhattanville - Liam F.’19, Chatham High School
  • Marist College – Nile M’17., Seton Hall Prep, NJ
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Lucas K.’17, Tysons High School, VA
  • University of Miami (FL) - John S.’19, The Delbarton School
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Terryn B.’18, Pelham High School, NH
  • McGill University – Audrey S.’16, New Providence High School, NJ; Ryan K., Livingston High School, NJ
  • University of Michigan - Joseph H., St. Peter’s Prep, NJ; Heba S.’17, The Pingry School, NJ
  • United States Naval Academy - Kyle Z., The Pingry School, NJ
  • New York University – Alice K.’17, Saddle River Day School, NJ; Haley P.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Stephen H., The Pingry School, NJ; Alex B., Chatham High School, NJ, Lucas V.’19, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Northeastern University – John P.’16, Wayne High School, NJ; Regene N.’17, Kent Place School, NJ
  • Northwestern University - Carson M.’16, The Pingry School, NJ
  • Notre Dame University - Ben S.’16, The Pingry School; Malcolm F.’19, The Pingry School; Austin P.’19, The Pingry School;
  • Penn State University - Manilyn L.’18, Truman High School, PA; Stephen R.’17, Florham Park High School, NJ; Cathlene P.’17, Council Rock HS North, PA; Priscilla S.’18, Truman High School, PA; Marcus H.’19, Ridgewood High School
  • University of Pennsylvania – Jillian J., Montclair Kimberly School, NJ; Lindsay S.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; William D., The Pingry School; Caroline K.’16, The Pingry School; Daria F.’16, The Pingry School; Elizabeth T., Livingston High School, NJ; Rachel G.’18, The Williams School, VA; Nicole K.’19, The Pingry School; Jamie Z.’19, The Pingry School
  • Princeton University – Jackson A.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Sofia B., The Pingry School; Sebastian S.’19, George School, PA;
  • The College of New Jersey - Asiana S., Princeton Day School, NJ; Isabelle K.’19, Notre Dame Academy; Brian M.’19, The Pingry School
  • Rhode Island School of Design - Clarissa H.’18, The Potomac School, VA
  • Roanoke College - Tom R.’17, Bernardsville High School, NJ
  • Rowan University - Leo L.’17, Livingston High School, NJ
  • Rutgers University – Kaitlyn L.’17, Chatham High School, NJ
  • Sacred Heart University - Luke V.,’18, Chatham High School, NJ
  • Sarah Lawrence College - Kloudia S.’16, Millburn High School, NJ
  • Savannah College of Art and Design - Michael G., The Pingry School, NJ
  • University of Scranton - Brian M.’17, Morristown Beard, NJ
  • Smith College, Kira L.’17, Watchung Hills High School, NJ
  • Stanford University - Eva H.’19, The Avenues School NY; Aum B.’18, Phillips Exeter; Kyle P.’17, The Lawrenceville School; Jay P., Philips Andover, MA; James M., Phillips Exeter Academy, NH
  • Stevens Institute of Technology - Cristiano H., New Providence High School, NJ
  • University of South Carolina - Avni M’16., The Pingry School, NJ
  • University of Southern California - Lia G.,’18, Basking Ridge High School
  • Swarthmore College - Frankie D’16., The Pingry School, NJ; David R., Chatham High School, NJ;
  • Rebecca L.’19, The Pingry School; Namita D.’18, The Pingry School, NJ, Tyler L.’17, The Shipley School, PA
  • Susquehanna University – Olivia S.’16, Governor Livingston High School, NJ
  • Syracuse – Michelle C.’16, New Providence High School, NJ; Jason R., The Pingry School, NJ
  • Tufts University – Nolan B., Basking Ridge High School, NJ; Daniel H.’18, The Pingry School, NJ; Jack W. The Pingry School, NJ; Victor V.’19, The Pingry School
  • Tulane University - Alex V.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Trevor C.’18, Chatham High School
  • Vanderbilt University – Sam C., Chatham High School, NJ; Thomas W., The Pingry School, NJ;
  • Lyndsay D.’16, Governor Livingston High School, NJ
  • Villanova University - Samantha P.’16, The Pingry School, NJ; Alexis A.’18, Whippany Park High School, NJ; Katie S., Chatham High School, NJ
  • University of Southern California - Lia G.’18, Basking Ridge High School, NJ
  • University of Vermont - Jack G.’19, Morristown Beard School, NJ
  • University of Virginia - Noah T., Wardlaw Hartridge School, NJ; Michael L., Chatham High School, NJ
  • Virginia Tech - Ian H., Chatham High School, NJ; Tristan S.’18, West Essex High School, NJ
  • Wake Forest University – Samuel C., Morristown Beard School, NJ
  • Washington University - Olivia E.’16, Governor Livingston High School, NJ
  • Washington & Lee University - Megan H.’19, The Pingry School; Alexy H.’19, The Pingry School
  • Yale University - Ben Z.’18, The Pingry School; William G., The Haverford School, PA; Sarah C., Millburn High School, NJ; David Z.’19, The Lawrenceville School; Ami G.’19, The Pingry School